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The ATE "antiblocage de roue" ABS ECU (identification number below) fitted to Citroen Xantia (up to 1997) and XM Diesel (1996 on) is now causing many problems with vehicles failing annual or roadside safety tests because of ABS failure. Please click HERE for photo of offending ECU.

This failure can be rectified by rebuild of ABS ECU. PLEASE NOTE: Because these systems are safety critical, we cannot accept for rebuild any ABS ECU which has been opened or attempts have been made to open ECU.


    1) ABS warning light REMAINS ON at all times. This means the ABS system has switched off and the antilock function is NOT operating. The brakes continue to operate with ABS ECU fault (or ECU removed) but remember the ABS function is not operating and wheel lock-ups can occur with heavy brake applications, especially on wet or icy roads.


    1) Check ECU identification number. Affected ECUs are ATE Controllers part numbers 10.0943-0202.4 / 10.0943-0203.4 / others / on printed WHITE label. Click here to see photo of offending ECU for positive identification as there are many conflicting numbers on ECUs!

    2) Confirm ABS light remains on after starting engine. An ABS light that goes out then comes on WHILST driving away indicates ABS sensor problem.

We offer a fast and low-cost repair and rebuild service for these ECUs. Please click HERE for our address and ECU repair quote request form.

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