VOLVO 240/440/480/740/745/760 MODELS diagnostic checklist

VEHICLE BREAKS DOWN ON ROAD OR FAILS TO START IN CAR PARK FOLLOWING SHORT JOURNEY. Breakdown services diagnose Bosch Jetronic LH fuel injection ECU failure - loss of fuel pump relay control from ECU pin 20.

    1) ACCURATELY Identify fuel pump relay and remove. Connect jumper lead to provide 12 volt feed to fuel pump after ACCURATELY identifying relay socket pins. If you have ANY doubts about this test, call in auto electrician.

    2) If car now starts and runs, take for road test to confirm OK (put on exhaust gas analyser first with catalyst equipped vehicles). IT IS NOT OK to use car with fixed feed to fuel pump.

    3) If car now runs OK, ECU confirmed failed. Please complete the form you can find from this page to request a repair quotation.

    4) If car doesn't run with jumper lead fitted, there may be other causes of breakdown.

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