VOLVO petrol injection models from 1985

- Common ECU failure symptoms

    ALL VOLVO FUEL INJECTION MODELS - Intermittent poor/non start. Has vehicle got a radio suppression relay? (white color near front fender) If yes REPLACE! (radio suppression relay supplies injector 12volts - any problems here can cause injector mis-operation)

    VOLVO 740/760 TURBO MODELS with Bosch Motronic engine management ECU and LUXOR injection amplifier 1986-90. Motronic ECU part numbers 0261 200 022 and 026. Motronic ECU is located inside car - LUXOR is black painted cast alloy box mounted vertically immediately behind battery with large connector on top edge.

    VOLVO (CAT and NON CAT) 240/440/480/740/745/760/940 MODELS with Bosch Jetronic LH 2.2 and 2.4 fuel injection ECUs 1988 onwards. ECU part numbers 0280 000 5XX/56X/590/591/594/595/935/others.

    VOLVO (CAT and NON CAT) 440/460/480/ MODELS fitted with FENIX (35 pin) (RENIX on Renault) engine management ECUs 1989 onwards.


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