Range Rover air suspension

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Hi Rod,
I've got a 1994 LSE RR with air suspension thats been playing up lately, it started to sag on one side last month then when I drove off in it a couple of days ago within a few hundred yards it discharged all its air and flopped onto its bump stops, very unpleasent and undrivable!

To get mobile I performed the following:
1. Unplug the ECU controlling the suspension.

2. On the amp plug (if you pull back the sleeve all the wires are numbered) loop pins 1 & 8 to run the compresser for a couple of minutes to charge the system.

3. Then to raise each corner connect the following together with a loop of wire:
3.1 left rear pins 26, 11, 8 & 1
3.2 left front pins 26, 10, 8 & 1
3.3 right rear pins 26, 28, 8 & 1
3.4 right front pins 26, 27, 8 & 1
(pin 26 enables air from pump)

4. To lower each corner:
4.1. Left rear pins 11, 9 & 1
4.2. left front pins 10, 9 & 1
4.3. right rear pins 28, 9 & 1
4.4. Right front pins 27, 9 & 1
(Pin 1 is power, pin 8 is air inlet solenoid, pin 9 is air exhaust solenoid)

If you wish to completely deflate the system then connect pins 1, 8 & 9.

If you then leave the ECU unplugged the suspension will remain pumped up until you can have the system diagnosed properly.

This can be used as a temporary fix to cover ECU or sensor failures, remember do not plug in the ECU as this will cause the system to fall back on its bump stops.

Regards Mark

Further comments from Walter Burton ....

I tried the procedure that Mark Chandler sent in to lift the air suspension on a 95 Range Rover and it worked. It lets you pump it up to check for leaks and repair if needed before taking to dealer to get the ecu reset. I will point out some directions to make it easier to do. The air ecu is the lower front box under the left front seat. The amp referred to is the connector to the ecu. Remove this connector. You have to remove the screw in the end of the amp cover  and split it to reveal the wire numbers. All Four wires have to be connected together, to do that take two wires four inches long and remove 1/4 inch of insulation on each end and remove 1 inch insulation in the center of each wire  and twist the centers together so you have 4 pigtails all connected at the center. Make sure the start switch is turned to "off" when hooking up the wires. Turn on the key switch after all 4 wires are hooked up to pump up that air bag, turn off key switch to stop pump. Either leave ecu or the black relay beside seat rail  disconnected to keep unit from working when you dont want it to. Walter Burton  

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