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Range Rover/Discovery 3.5/3.9 Litre (cat & non cat) diagnostic checklist

In all cases poor idling or running problems with 'hot wire' system (from 1990), we recommend carrying out the following checks/tests before commencing diagnosis;

    1) Check security and condition of all wiring and connectors associated with idle control valve.

    2) Clean (with carb cleaner) and lubricate stepper motor and idle valve, clean and lubricate throttle butterfly housing as carbon build up can interfere with idle settings.

    3) Carry out hydrocarbon dye test on coolant to identify head gasket problems. This test should be carried out whenever there are idle/running problems with Rover V8 engines.

    4) Check correct operation of ignition advance/retard mechanism. Early mechanical systems should be cleaned and lubricated. DO NOT REMOVE DISTRIBUTOR FROM ENGINE BLOCK!

    5) ALWAYS CHANGE engine coolant temperature sensor (the one behind the easy one!)

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