Rover common ECU failure symptoms

Rover models from 1991 to 1999 suffer a number of minor failures of the MEMS (Modular Engine Management System) fitted to many 1XX, 2XX and 4XX series. Identify this ECU type by looking for Rover label with M.E.M.S. initials. Note that some Rover models are fitted with PGM-F1 engine management system - this system is Honda design and normally very reliable.


    1) Idle control problems which can be intermittent. Typically car idles at up to 3000rpm but can also cause low idle with stalling at traffic lights and junctions.


    2) Battery discharges over 3 or 4 day period.


    1) For idle speed problems, first check operation of throttle position switch, making sure throttle linkage is not catching on anything. Also check operation of idle valve and wiring. If both ok, then ECU is suspect. Wherever possible, carry out tests for induction side airleaks as these can also cause high idle speeds.

    2) For battery discharge problems, turn ignition OFF and check battery current draw - look for about 400 milliamps drain with EVERYTHING turned off. Note that disconnecting battery will sometimes reset ECU and problem will go away - until next time! Do not leave battery disconnected for long periods as you will lose radio security codes.

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