small picture LUCAS 4CU ECU - This is the fuel injection ECU fitted to Range Rover up to 1989 and other Rover 3.5litre engined cars such as Rover SD1, TVR & Morgan fitted with 'moving flap' airflow meter. Although offering better performance than later 'airmass' measurement systems, this system could not meet modern emissions legislation
small picture LUCAS 2AM 'MOVING FLAP' AIRFLOW METER - This is the other half to the Lucas Airflow measurement fuel injection system - see 4CU ECU above. The moving flap which measures airflow is just inside the inlet port facing the camera.

small picture LUCAS 14CU ECU - This ECU is part of the 'hot wire' airmass system introduced in 1990. Hot wire systems measure the mass of air entering the engine and compensate for humidity, atmospheric pressure and altitude.
small picture LUCAS 5AM 'HOT WIRE' AIRMASS METER - This is the other half of the Lucas airmass fuel injection system - see 14CU ECU immediately above - which contains the hot wire airmass measuring components. The heated platinum wires are contained in a small air bypass tunnel so are not visible.
small picture GEMS ECU - This is the ECU part of the engine management system fitted to 4.6 litre petrol engined Range Rovers from 1995 (new shape).
small picture BOSCH 88 PIN ENGINE MANAGEMENT ECU - Fitted from about 1990 onwards this system has many advanced features such as sequential fuel injection and engine condition monitoring. Note: different sized pins at each end of connector.
small picture MITSUBISHI ENGINE MANAGEMENT ECU - Possibly the most unreliable ECU in the world. Suzuki Vitara version has different connector layout and is sometimes painted grey colour.
small picture BOSCH MOTRONIC ECU (35 & 55 pin) - Baseplate View - Note the 4 larger Torx head screws indicating this ECU has an internal ignition power stage. If the 2 right hand screws are missing (replaced with plastic plugs) the ECU has external ignition power stages (or modules) usually located on bulkhead near engine.
small picture ATE (antiblocage de roue) ABS ECU - This is the Citroen Xantia ABS ECU
small picture VDO ECU as fitted to Mercedes and SsangYong Musso and Korando models - this type may be repairable.
small picture Bosch and Siemens type ECU as fitted to later Mercedes - the power transistors can just be seen at the right of picture
small picture 'Spider' ECU as fitted to Discovery vehicles - DO NOT refit standard Land Rover units - the cost of removing dashboard is too high when it fails! Refit CES upgraded unit or aftermarket security system.
small picture BECM (Body Electrical Control Module) as fitted to Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles from 1995 - Note the 10 connectors (of 19!) on the side.
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