Ford Probe Electronic Distributor Failure Symptoms

Ford Probe (V6 and 4 cylinder) and Mazda cars fitted with Mazda V6 engines use the Mitsubishi Electric electronic distributor which contains both pick ups and ignition coil drive electronics. This distributor has a very high failure rate but can now be re-engineered by Car Electronic Services using more robust and higher rated components which survive the adverse events which are causing current failures.


    1) Vehicle breaks down at any time without warning. Breakdown services diagnose loss of ignition spark.

    2) There can be a history of intermittent breakdown - car starts and runs OK but cuts out when hot. Restarts OK when engine begins to cool down.

    3) Intermittent failure to start from cold (but car runs ok once started) MAY be security system failure.


    1) Vehicle history of intermittent breakdown when warm is the most reliable indicator of distributor failure.

For distributor repair quotation please use form found on this page. The entire distributor assembly (remove cap and rotor) should be dispatched to us. This should be packed in a strong cardboard box with adequate packaging. If the rotor is seized in place do not try to force off - please leave it us to remove as we have the right tools. ALSO mark position of distributor body with scratch mark before removal. This allows precise ignition timing when refitting distributor and avoids future visit to garage to have timing fine tuned.

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